How To Put A Thin Layer Of Concrete Over Existing Concrete In Vista?

7 Tips To Put A Thin Layer Of Concrete Over Existing Concrete VistaConcrete overlays can be a great way to refresh the look of existing concrete surfaces. But doing it properly requires taking several steps and keeping in mind some important tips. Here are seven tips for applying a thin layer of concrete over existing concrete:

  1. Make sure the existing surface is clean, dry and free from any loose material. Any dust, dirt or debris must be removed before starting the job.
  2. Use an epoxy bonding agent on the existing surface to help ensure good adhesion with the new layer of concrete. Carefully follow all instructions when mixing and applying this product.
  3. Prepare your area carefully by laying down plastic sheeting or other barriers as necessary to protect surrounding materials from spills or splashes.
  4. Mix the concrete properly, using the suggested mix design for your specific application. Use a mechanical mixer to ensure the ingredients are blended evenly.
  5. Using a trowel or squeegee, apply the concrete in a thin, even layer on the existing surface. Make sure you get it into all corners and crevices and don’t leave any gaps, bumps or divots that could cause weak spots.
  6. Allow enough time for the concrete to dry before walking on it or applying additional coats of product. This can be affected by outside temperatures and humidity levels so plan accordingly.
  7. Once your new layer of concrete is fully cured and sealed with an appropriate sealer, it should be ready for use. Regularly inspect and maintain your concrete overlays to ensure they remain in top condition.


What Can I Use For Thin Layer Of Concrete?

You will need to use a specific type of concrete mix that is suitable for your particular application. A professional contractor can advise you on the best products to use.

How Do You Bond Between Old And New Concrete?

You will need to use an epoxy bonding agent to ensure good adhesion between the old and new concrete. Follow all instructions carefully when mixing and applying this product.

How Do You Maintain Concrete Overlays?

Regularly inspect your concrete overlays and make sure they are kept clean and free from any dirt or debris. You can also seal them with an appropriate sealer to help protect them from weathering. Regular maintenance will help keep your overlays in top condition for many years.


It is important to take the time and follow all of the steps necessary when applying a thin layer of concrete over existing concrete. The tips outlined in this article should help you get the job done properly and ensure your new layer looks great for years to come. For more information, contact Concrete Contractor Vista at (760) 313-6116.